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Works Anywhere

Pull up the kEmoji keyboard anywhere in any app thanks to iOS 8's new custom keyboard features. This means your full emoji keyboard experience is never more than a click away!

It's Flexible

Although it's awesome when you can send a text using only emojis (we're big fans), it usually doesn't happen that way. To make it easier to type text and emojis together, we've built a handy alphanumeric keyboard so you can mix and match 'til you're satisfied. There's also an easy search function that provides suggestions for emojis based on what you've already typed.

Custom kEmojis

Can't find the right emojis to express yourself? Now you can choose from a whole set of additional kEmojis with one for nearly every occasion! You don't even need to leave the app you're in to use them, it all happens right from the keyboard.

Have It Your Way

You can customize your wallpaper, your lock screen, your phone case, but what about your keyboard? With kEmoji, we let you choose what color or pattern makes you happy. Choose from many designer theme options in our store, or use the theme builder to create your own.

And Much, Much More

kEmoji keyboard can even show you what emojis you use the most, and you can share that list easily with friends to show off your emoji literary talents. Plus, it works on the iPad too. Download your copy today!